What is a Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)?

A Debt Plan that is exclusively for you

A debt-free solution could be right up your street. In other words, DAS is only available to people living in Scotland. There is no equivalent solution (yet) for the rest of the UK. On that basis alone, this exclusively Scottish option may offer you more value than a plan that’s open to anyone in the UK.

The best part of the plan is that it is based on what YOU can afford and not what your creditors demand – and your creditors cannot legally contact you at any stage of the process. Your interest and unsecured debts are temporarily are frozen until you make a single monthly payment towards them. Forget the creditors, they can’t contact or call you.


Who can qualify, and for what sort of DAS debts?

Struggling with your monthly debt repayments, but feel you could repay what you owe if given enough time? Then Solutions Scotland can shape a Debt Arrangement Scheme around your income. But first things first; are you eligible?

  • If you live in Scotland you’re instantly eligible for a DAS – if for some reason you don’t qualify, please call us for free on 0141 739 8180 because with Solutions Scotland, there is ALWAYS a way around debt.
  • It does not matter how many debts you have – whether it’s one or twenty one creditors.
  • You should have a realistic amount of money left over, after having paid your essential household expenses, money to live, travel, eat, drink, hobbies etc…
  • You cannot be subject to Scottish bankruptcy (This is also known as Sequestration – which we covered elsewhere on this site) or any other insolvency procedure.
  • You cannot be liable for any other type of insolvency agreement.

If DAS is for you, a DPP is integral too

With its lower, more affordable and sustainable repayments it’s easy to see why DAS is the way to go for many people in Scotland. When you choose a DAS you will automatically be enrolled into a DPP, or Debt Payment Programme. They are a fundamental part of the DAS process, and allow you to pay back your debt over a longer period of time.

A DPP is the repayment plan agreed between you and your creditors under the DAS. Each DPP is worked out individually, by a qualified money advisor, who mediates between you and your creditors. The good news is that all interest and fees on your debts are frozen under a DAS – you don’t need to pay back what you owe in its entirety. A DAS usually lasts for no more than ten years.

A DAS requires a DPP, which requires a CRA

Credit Referencing Agencies such as Equifax and Experian, are required to create your very own, personalized credit file. Banks and credit card companies can then decide whether to give you credit based on the information the personalized files give.

Get in touch with Solutions Scotland today to see what your credit score is.

It’s completely free to check your report, online or request a paper copy from whether to give you credit based on the information the credit file gives. Once you’ve received the CRA quotes, compare them – they’ll show you your credit history going back six years. You’ll know where you stand and where your future lies with Solutions Scotland.

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