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Council Tax Debt in Scotland – Solutions Scotland

Council Tax Debt and how to handle it

If you have Council Tax Debt that you cannot afford then don’t worry just yet because there is a handful of solutions that will help you repay them. Firstly Contact your council as soon as possible if you’re struggling to pay your Council Tax or are behind with your payments.

Council Tax Debt – If you miss Council Tax payments

When you miss a bill, the council will give you a reminder notice giving you 7 days to pay. If you don’t pay within seven days, you’re going to have to pay Council Tax for the entire year instead.

If another Council Tax payment is missed, you’ll be given a second reminder note.

In a financial year, you can only get a maximum of 2 alert notes-this runs from April 1 to March 31 of the next year.

council tax debt

Your council will give you a final notice, specifying that if you skip a payment for the third time, you must pay Council Tax for the entire year.

What happens if you don’t pay the Council Tax for the year

Your council can get your employer to pay your unpaid Council Tax directly from your wages. Your council can also apply to take money from the following benefits:

  • Employment and Support Allowance Income
  • Support Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Pension Credit Universal Credit

You should ask the council if you can make smaller payments if this means you won’t have enough to pay your other bills. The council is no obliged to agree with your request but they tend to make an arrangement with you.

Sheriff Officers

If there’s no other way to recover your debt, your council will send the Sheriff Officers to seize your house. Before the bailiff meets you, they will tell you how much you owe.

The expenses of the bailiffs can be added to the overall sum that you owe the council.

Sheriff Officers who implement debt collection are commonly known to use heavy-handed scare tactics to try to shake you down. But it is not common knowledge to who sheriff officers are, and what they are not legally authorised to do.

Sheriff Officers are the Scottish equivalent of bailiffs who serve as agents of debt management to help recover unpaid debt from private businesses and local authorities. Walker Love, Stirling Park and Scott & Co are examples of these firms.

Although there are few rules about what sheriffs should tell you, it is highly legislated what they are supposed to actually do.

Sheriff officers are mindful of the law and will strive to work their best to the very limits of what it requires. Fortunately for you, there are many basic steps that are well within Scottish law that you should take.

You can stop sheriff officers from taking your possessions and prosecuting your wages as long as you know your rights, or at least stall them so that you have time to seek advice from the experts.

Solutions Scotland Council Tax Debt Solutions

Who are Solutions Scotland? and what debt solutions do they have?

Solutions Scotland is the company that you will need if you are in debt. They can stop action from Sheriff Officers. They can also prevent wage arrestments.

A Protected Trust Deed will see you become debt free in 48 months. You will also write off up to 75% away from your debts. You will make Affordable monthly repayments. Creditors and Sheriff Officers will no longer be able to contact you.

If a Protected Trust Deed isn’t for you don’t worry Solutions Scotland also offer Solutions such as:

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)


MAP (Minimal Asset Process)


0141 739 810


EMAIL: enquiries@solutionsscotland.co.uk

The Rise of Debt and How to Make It Stop

The Rise of Debt and How to Make It Stop

The rise of debt can be a scary thing but rest assured there are ways we can stop it. We offer multiple solutions that can freeze interests from adding to your total debt level. Seeing your debt level rise due to interest that you never knew about can be dangerous and affect your credit score massively. Here are a few different types of interests.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – how this is added to your debt

The annual percentage rate is the amount of your total interest expressed annually on the total cost of the loan. Credit card companies often use APR to set interest rates when consumers agree to carry a balance on their credit card account.

APR is calculated fairly simply. It’s the prime rate plus the margin the bank or lender charges the consumer. The result is the annual percentage rate.

Fixed Interest

A fixed interest rate is as true as it sounds-a specific, fixed interest linked
to a loan or credit line that, along with the principal, must be repaid.
Since they are simple to measure, easy to understand, and predictable. A fixed-rate is the most common type of interest for customers-both, the borrower and the lender know precisely what interest rate commitments are connected to a loan or credit account. Consider a loan of £10,000 from a bank to a borrower. for instance.
The total cost of the loan, with principal and interest combined, is £10,500, considering the fixed interest rate of 5 percent.

This is the sum that the creditor would pay back.

What will happen if I ignore my debts?

If you miss payments or you don’t pay the right amount, your creditor may send you a default notice, also known as a notice of default. If the default is applied it’ll be recorded in your credit file and can affect your credit rating.

We strongly suggest you not to ignore your debts, However, if you decide to ignore your debt it may result in a few things such as:

  • Your credit score will be damaged. You will find it hard to get future credit with other creditors if they decide to run a credit check on you.
  • You could have your earnings arrested. An earnings arrestment is also known as a wage arrestment. Your employer is instructed to deduct money from your wages each month to settle the debt owed.
  • Sheriff officers may visit your home. They will continue to hassle you until the debt is settled, or a payment plan is arranged.
  • Creditors will pester you via phone, email and letters. They will also continue to do so until the debt is settled.

debt stress

How Solutions Scotland can help

Solutions Scotland offer many solutions that can remove the stress from paying back your debts. From a Debt Arrangement Scheme to a Protected Trust Deed and much more. We have all the right solutions to make your debt manageable, affordable and stress-free. We will also stop ALL creditors from contacting you!

Contact us on 0141 739 8180