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Credit Card Reality

Credit Card Reality – For a brief period there was relief for everyone dealing with the stress of credit card repayments. A pause in reality with ongoing high interest repayments no matter what type of debt you have. Requesting breaks short or long, even requesting another loan was heavily backed by the government. There was no fear, there was no knock on the doors nor was there a bombardment of phone calls for missed payments.

Post Covid

I use the term loosely. We all know Covid is going to be here for quite some time before a cure becomes available, however the creditors view is that we are now past the period of payment breaks, because from their point of view, they cannot wait until there is a cure, their time is now, they now want the favour returned. For their patience for a few months, they expect extreme loyalty back albeit as we know, unrealistic.

Credit Card Reality Bites

A total of £8.7b was spent in the first month of lockdown, half the level of April last year, reported by UK Finance. With many shops closed in April, a proportion of card spending that was completed online hit a record level. Rather than credit card spending being on holidays and household appliances, the majority were paying back card payments hoping to bring down interest rate payments for the tough months ahead. However we all know no matter what the interest is on that credit card, you are paying back more than you have spent, you are in their pocket and it is you who they will be using to fund their own difficult months ahead. While the average family will be preying they don’t become a casualty of the unemployment numbers, credit card providers will still expect customers to pay interest every month regardless if the spending on the credit card has stopped, they will still demand your money.

Credit Card reality

Solutions Scotland Credit Card Help

Who are Solutions Scotland? and what debt solutions do they have?

Solutions Scotland is the company that you will need if you are in debt. They can stop action from Sheriff Officers. They can also prevent wage arrestments, have options that freeze interest and charges on credit cards to enable to to pay back what you owe only.

Protected Trust Deed will see you become debt free in 48 months. You will also write off up to 75% away from your debts. You will make Affordable monthly repayments. Creditors and Sheriff Officers will no longer be able to contact you.

If a Protected Trust Deed isn’t for you don’t worry Solutions Scotland also offer Solutions such as:

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)


MAP (Minimal Asset Process)


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